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Mt. Vernon Country Club

Photography by: Kaethe Richter & QiaoQiao Jade of K. Mari Photography


Prairie Star Wedding Photography by:

Kaethe Richter and Qiaoqiao Jade of K. Mari Photography

Venue: Prairie Star Restaurant



Few people in the world will impact you the way that Michele and Mike do upon spending a day with them.  The way they embrace good times and bad, the way they love, the way they hug, and the way they always approach life with a smile… is inspiring beyond words.   The best man, during his speech said, “Everyone likes Mike..”, and someone yelled out, “Everyone LOVES Mike.”  It’s the truth.  Anyone that crosses their paths would agree that these two are incredible, genuine, unique and wonderful people.

Mike and Michele have lived together in Honolulu for the past couple years, and I couldn’t have imagined another place in the world to celebrate their marriage.  The beaches of Hawaii (and particularly their home in Waikiki) has been the canvas for their blossoming and strengthening love, during their courtship, engagement, and now their marriage.  To have everyone from their lives, together on that small island in the middle of the Pacific, felt like a surreal and significant moment– one that only a wedding can often help accomplish.

Thank you for blessing us with this opportunity to go to Hawaii to photograph your day.  You guys had the party of a life time, and gave us an experience we’ll never forget.

Love you,