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Last year I was a lucky girl, and got to live in Hawaii for a couple months. Everyday I’d walk to work and pass all the surf shops in Waikiki.  One of which always caught my attention due to a particularly familiar face.  A local Albuquerque girl, Fo Porter, was the headlining model on a Billabong store front right around the corner from my apartment.  I think it’s a super New Mexico thing to be proud of your home, and particularly supportive of those who are doing big things with their lives. This girl is doing BIG things.

In the year I’ve been home since my time in Hawaii, I’ve somehow made the most incredible friends and have established priceless connections within the industry here in Albuquerque.  Many of these friendships are what allowed for and created this photo shoot. The talent that comes from and lives in this BEAUTIFUL state is undeniable.  Nothing makes me happier than when it all comes together on a gorgeous day in Tijeres.

I truly want to thank wedding coordinator, Maria Socha, from Sealed with a Kiss for designing this shoot. In a crunch, she put this together as easy as 1,2,3.  It’s simple to dream and talk about beautiful things, but this girl has that rare ability to actually make it happen.  If she can make a rugged, windy and cold mountain side into a gorgeous backdrop, surely she can make ANYTHING come true for a bride on a real wedding day. I gave Maria my unedited and disconnected jumbled up thoughts for what I wanted this shoot to feel like, and this girl made rainbows. Amazing human being, indeed.

Like always, my gorgeous girls from The Pretty Committee and Style by Camille were amazing to trek up to the hills early on a Sunday morning.  I absolutely do not know where I’d be without these ladies. Kata, thank you for this chance.  Fo, thank you for helping out a local NM photog.  I’m forever grateful.


Photography: Kaethe from K. Mari Photography

Model: Fo Porter from Nous Model Management

Inspiration & Design: Maria Socha from Sealed with a Kiss

Makeup: Kata Baron from The Pretty Committe

Styling: Camille Rodriguez from Style by Camille

Dress:  Bridal Elegance by Darlene

Props graciously donated by:  The Antique Coop

Florals: Apple Blossom

Lighting, Film & Friendship: Qiaoqiao Jade Bi










I am the absolute worst with decade references.

When planning this shoot,  I wanted it to have THAT look.. right? .. from THAT decade when it looked like Mad Men? You know?

Pin curls and stuff… Yeah.. like the movie Grease. Exactly.  Yep, his hair– that fluffy thing on top.


Luckily, I work with some incredible people who set me straight– and laugh at me.    This shoot was one of collaborative heaven.  We were able to gather a clothing designer who graciously donated his clothing, an incredible hairstylist who knew her decades, an amazing makeup artist, and a stylist who doubled as my posing/lighting assistant.  Not to mention, we got to work with the incredible Ryan McGarvey again.   Most. Awesome. Team. EVER.

Thank you, everyone, for making this possible.



Photography: Kaethe Richter from K. Mari Photography

Makeup:  Kata Baron from The Pretty Committee

Styling: Camille Rodriguez

Clothing Design: Michel George Abogado

Hairstyling:  Cari Blasi